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Friday, February 26, 2010

An Ode to A Fallen Establishment

Please don't tell me that any of you have forgotten about Skipper's Bar and Grill (I wanted to put a link here but unfortunately the business no longer has a website). Yes, Skipper's, the place that offered over 45 different beers, some of the finest burgers in town and above all, 25 cent drafts on Tuesday nights. That's right, there's no typo there. (Even if you're not much of a beer drinker, 25 cent drafts of anything is pretty spectacular.)

It boggles my mind that this place was closed down. Every time that I ever ventured inside the place was always packed to the walls. The people were friendly, the food was great, and the prices were very reasonable. (Did I mention yet that Tuesday was 25 cent draft night!?) But, I guess that's just the restaurant business for's obviously no easy task.

Jackie O's has recently taken over the vacant establishment that, at one time, used to be my dear Skipper's. Jackie O's has completely renovated the inside, and turned the establishment into an annex version of their bar. This is nice for Jackie O's goers because the new venue offers a much larger stage for musicians to perform...

...I want to keep going on about the great changes Jackie O's has made to the place because I really do love Jackie O's, but I can't. I feel like an impostor every time I go inside the place now. Like one of those people who shaves their hair off then says that they've always been punk. It's just different now. If I were to go up to the bar and ask for a draft of the finest "Natural Light" (The only draft they featured on Tuesdays) and gave them nothing but a quarter....Not only would I be laughed at, but I'd probably be banned for life for such outlandish behavior. I guess it's just important to remember all the good times.

So, here's to you Skipper's Bar and Grill. The amount of smiles that you put on faces (and wallets) across Athens would take decades to count. May whomever you're serving these days be thankful and fully aware of how special you are. Bless you Skipper's, you will not be forgotten.


  1. Oh jeeze, this is embarrassing... I never once visited Skipper's. I'm not much of a bar fly anymore, and back in the day I'm ashamed to say I mostly went to the Crystal. What a dive that place was (and probably is). I remember everything you touched was remarkably sticky.

    Jackie-O's is probably my favorite bar now, though I agree, their beers are a little more expensive than a quarter. I love the wide selections of mead, ale and beer they have, but at four dollars a glass (and up)this college kid can't afford more than one.

  2. I wonder why Tucci's never had a 25 cent night? Your brother, Justin, and his wife, Kim, would have been regulars. Too bad for Skipper's!!

  3. I actually never made it to Skippers before it closed, but I have been to the new Jackie O's annex, and while it is a great venue for events I don't think it is nearly as college-friendly as Skippers was, because they've set a quota for the amount of underage patrons that are allowed in the venue at a time, which hinders event participation and isolates the community.

  4. I went to Skippers my freshman year and loved the food. It was my first time seeing a table tap. The environment was fun and enjoyable. I miss their potato skins.