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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wishful Thinking for Warmer Weather

Delectable Doyle is not too good in the snow. I don't see how anyone could be too comfortable with what's going on outside at the moment. I love hearing people say, "but it's so pretty outside," and then no more than five minutes later, slipping and falling Charlie Brown style onto their backs thanks to the treacherous stuff. Snow (1) Appreciator of it (0).

The worst part about this new snowy abyss that some still call Athens, is that it's becoming increasingly harder for Delectable Doyle to wander about town in search for the latest and weirdest beverages. Imagine if I were to hit a patch of ice while trying to review the newest sensation. Shame on you mother nature.

Ever since the snow has hit Athens, i've been thinking a lot about warm weather. Not only does summer offer dry socks and the ability to wear shorts, but it also offers the annual Ohio Brew Week Festival. This year marks the five year anniversary of the, oh so, delicious festival.

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In case you are unfamiliar, Ohio Brew Week is a week long festival here in Athens that features delectable craft beers from over 100 different microbreweries in Ohio. The festival also features beers from all over the country.

The highlight of the festival is the beer competition. Here brewers put all there hard work on the line in an effort to find out who has produced the most delectable (and worthy) beverage. Last years winner went to Arthur Richardson of New York, with his "Black hops IPA".

The festival takes place this year from the 11th-17th of July.

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Winter can't last forever and before long Delectable Doyle will have his shorts on, his socks dry and will be sipping on several fine, fine beers at this amazing festival.


  1. Seriously? Dude...... where does one get a job like this? I have to paint my butt off on a daily basis and you get to sample beverages...... nice!!

  2. I agree with your dislike for the winter weather. Every day I am walking to class on Mill street, I think I might die on the side walks. Spring can't come fast enough.

    I heard about this brew fest in my Intro to Hospatility class. I wish I was here in the summers so I could attend. I hear it's a big deal. Maybe I will have to visit Athens in July so I can see what it is like.

  3. Patrick, I am a "blog-friend" of your Mom's..and signed on as a follower. i must let you know I won't be here every day, but will drop in from time to time.

    I'm more of a smoothie drinker now. Wheni stopped drinking 35 years ago, I thought all the brewries and distilleries would have to shut down. Well, even though their STOCK took a dip, they managed to stay in business. And I managed to stay sober--grin!

    Nice to meet you. KUTGW is a "family" expression, means Keep Up The Good Work. OK?

  4. A blogger friend of your step mom's...but I have to ask. You wear socks with your shorts?? LOL Not much of a beer fan, though I will occasionally give one a whirl. Your Beer Fest reminds me of an Oktoberfest I went to in Milwaukee many moons ago.

  5. You know, I finally (after 10 years of Ontario, Canada winters) bought a really REALLY good pair of winter boots. Sheepskin lined, comfy, and up to the mid-calf.

    You'd be surprised what a difference having cozy warm toes makes.

    I don't dread venturing forth into the freaky cold white stuff any more. And I'm an Aussie who hates the cold! Of course, that doesn't mean that I'm not just dying for summer to get here too. Bring on the sun :-)